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  Dark, seemly endless rainy clouds covered the sky over the small town of Forks and its outskirts. A light rain was falling as two figures walked across the open field close by. The two could run, the two could dash, but what was the point? They would reach their target sonner or later...
One single deer, abandoned by its herd, went into alert as it saw the two figures coming for it. But before he could make a run for it, he heard a sweet, heavenly humming... and before he was aware of it, he was in the arms of one of the figures, his neck being broken apart. As the female figure came closer, the one whose voice had frozen their prey in the first place, the two figures started feeding themselves.
Soon enough, the deer's corpse was dry, not a single drop of blood could be found. The male vampire stretched himself out, like he was yawning, and he scratched the back of his neck, and his female companion layed on the grass, by their finished dinner' side, a little smirk of satisfation being born in her lips. For the time being their throats would be calm, the quench for blood asleep...   For the time being!

“So... How much time before we reach Forks?” The vampiress asked as her black haired friend checked a handheld GPS, “Well... If you are willing to run for half a second... rather close” He said, pointing to a small hill “We have arrived” He finished with a jolly grin.
The brunette smiled and, slothfully, she got up “Well then, lets get moving” She started a slow pace, moving for the said hill.
“Just wondering...” Diogo started “From every town and city in the USA, why did you wanted so much to come here?”
“Well” Krista poked her tougue at him “That is only for me, myself and I to know”
“Aww, come on, mother, tell me!” The vampire asked with a fake pout, quickly replaced by one ear to ear grin, as he started running, laughing, from one flinching Krista “I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME THAT AGAIN!!!” She shouted out in a mix of enjoy and anoyment as she started the chase to her chuckling, faraway friend.

It had been Krista's bite whose poison had ravaged his body, morphing him into what he was today: A vamp... That, in theory, made of her his vampire mother, really odd due to the fact that he was frozen in a older age then herself. He was twenty, she was eighteen... On the other hand, Krista had been around for over one hundred years, having found Diogo during World War Two, his dying body laying on a valley full of other, already dead jews. Even through he was Portuguese, his Hitler-supporting parents had sent him, opposing and cursing, fighting for the Nazi side. Assigned the work of a scout, he had been mortally wonded as one hiding Jewish man had shot him.On his death bed he had ripped out the Nazi symbol off his clothes, leaving the man astonished. He then told him, with tears in his eyes, his short story... That he wasn't Nazi, only being there against his own free will. Feeling regret, did the man, one rabi made a killer, bless his soul, before running into the woods as he heard more soldiers coming closer. Seeing that their ex-comrade had ripped his symbol out, a betrayal to Hitler, they dragged his barely living body into one of those “Death Valleys” where the bodies of dead jews were thrown into.
Krista had seen this and, feeling a weak heartbeat from one dying Diogo, she had quickly, unseen, ran for his body. One neck bite and four days later it was done. His once warm body was now cold as Death, emaning, like her, one god-like beauty, common to the vampire kind.

Now, almost a century later, Krista wasn't going to take being called “mother” even if he was just teasing her. So she persued him, cracking her fists midrun. Overall, despite the ocasional skirmishes, they shared one strong brother-sister like relationship which made them stronger. She managed to catch up with him and, laughing, her fist met the top of his head.
He “ouch'd” before chuckling and, along with his mother-sister, he made way for the town.

Not faraway from there, a man emerged from the woods, shouting for help as quickly aproching steps could be heard. With horror in his eyes, the man grab a hold at his pistol and fired for the two men stalking him. The bullets had no effect however.
“What do you mean officer?” one of the man aproached, his eyes widening as he grinned “Don't you remember us? Why do you run?”
“S-stay...” the man babled, the gun shaking in his hands as memories arose inside of his mind. He was arms to arms with the two men, all laughing with joy as they walked through the woods.
What the hell!? Where did this memories came from!? Who were the two men?? Wha-
Before he knew, the man who had spoken, had gotten behind him, holding him tightly and chuckling out loud “Do you remember us now?” his grin revealed white, sharp canines, as he looked to his friend “C'mon Mike, end his misery...”
Mike smiled and the held down man saw everything around him vanish... He was now floating in the middle of a seemly endless white void... Then everything went black as life abandoned his body and the sweat embrace of Death took him in.

Back to reality, Mike had simply sent their victim into a delusional state for, when lost in ilusion the victim wouldn't feel a thing, therefore no screaming and no calling for backup. That, paired with Kostas' ability to create fake memories on his target, and you get one duo of nomad hunters, with no remorse about wheather to hunt for animals or humans. Food is food, after all! At least they were nice enough in order to spare the victim of any and all suffering...
Mike burped as they were finished with their meal “Excuse me...” he said.
“Nice one” Kostas laughed and he burped as well “Ahhhh... hear my roar!” He shouted out.
“Bah, you look like a cub!” Mike said as he pulled out a pack of cigarretes “You served?”
One of the other vampire perks, besides beauty and strengh, would be the fact that you are tecnically dead... therefore no danger in catching diseases like lung cancer, so you could simply smoke your hearts out.
With no aging, need to sleep or any other human problems, a vampire simply had to find something to do with their eternal free time... And smoking was a good a hobby as anything else.
“Hey Mike” Kostas started.
“What do you say if we go to school for a while?” He naughtily smiled to his friend, who chuckled “Mmmm... What subject are you interested, exactly?”
“Sight Seeing” were Kostas' only words before dashing for the city “I'll race you there!!”

Forks' school had a nice campus surronding it, the students walking freely around it, males and females alike. Mike and Kostas had their attention turned to particular targets... And as they found themselves inside the campus, their 19 years old bodies attracted the attention of many eyes from the desired targets. They could hear the heartbeats of the female students speeding up as they looked at them and blushed. Even through they both lived on the road, their clothing was imaculate, no dust could be seen... giving them both the aspect of senior students. It was party time.

Krista giggled as Diogo was the target of a bunch of girls, surrounding him, asking him out for the prom. He was too beautiful for his own good, still, he enjoyed that. The same happened to Krista, finding herself surrounded by literaly-drooling boys. Diogo whispered so low that only Krista and himself were able to hear “So you wanted to come here to be the target of wooing, was it?”
“What, you don't like that?” She asked with a smile.
“On the contrary, I love it! Its just that you never seemed to like this!”
She blowed raspberries at him as they skillfully managed to avoid the crowd. Then her eyes stuck themselves in a dark-brown haired boy, roughly five meters away. If she had a living heart, it would be pouncing like crazy now. The boy looked at her and, seeing she was staring back at him, he blushed and quickly turned his face around.
“He's so beautiful...” she whispered.
Diogo frowned and he looked in the same direction his friend was facing. He smiled as he realized the Cupid was working out “Indeed, he's quite a catch” he said with a chuckle “AND he's human!” he lowly said “It is too dangerous”
Krista sighed, realizing that Diogo was right. He gently patted her shoulder as they walked away from “pretty boy”

As the bell rang, warning students it was time for class they found themselves walking through one suddenly deserted hallway. Well... almost deserted... they could see two boys, probably on their late teens, walking in their direction. The weird thing... no heartbeats were heard from neither of them.
The two boys seemed to feel that as well for they stoped in their tracks, mimicking them.
“You two... no heartbeats...” Krista said
“Well, we can say the same from you!” The taller boy answered and his friend nodded “Could you two, by any chance, be...”
“Vampires?” Diogo asked.
No further was needed. A smile being born in the four' faces and soon enough they were introducing each other. Krista and Diogo... Kostas and Mike... It wasn't everyday that two groups of nomads met.
A spark of friendship was born on the spot. Introducting themselves both Kostas and Mike were from Greece, where, at the end of the “Flower Power” decade they had met a vampiress while going home after a night of bars and fun. The result was known... With ultimate freedom ahead of them hey had gave their families the idea that hey were dead, caught a boat to America and since then traveled to wherever they wished to go.
They learned they were all omnivores, if they killed and feed on animals, it was alright, but they wouldn't say no to one juicy human lost in the mountains... Well, maybe Krista, but she was much more used to the “cadle” diet then the boys were.

They left the school as a group, exchanging memories and experiences, with one another, their four immortal lifes giving them subjects to talk, enough for a week, or more. They found a table to sit and, sitting, they relaxed joyfully.
They were having so much fun with each other' stories and tales that they did not realize of how late it was getting, only noticing anything when, at 4 PM, students got out of school and going to their homes or simply stayed in the street with their groups to simply chat.
This, whatever was oblivious to them, they didn't care for the dull subjects the students talked between themselves. So, obviously, they were surprised when two of the students, a boy and a girl, aproached them.
The girl was kind of shortie, with short locks of brunette hair falling to the shoulders' height, the boy, which looked like he was rather nervous, had platinum-blond hair and, unlike his companion, was about the same height of Kostas or Mike. The only reason the gang of four stopped their talk in their tracks was due to the same reason they had stopped walking when they had met each other: They heard no heartbeats from these two neither...

“Is this for real?” Mike asked wide eyed “You two are also...”
The girl nodded “Uh uh, we heard you talking when we were walking home and...” She let out a giggle “I kinda got curious” She said and, seeing that the gang's eyes all had turned to her friend with curiosity, she went ahead and explained “Jasper here simply had to tag along” the boy nodded silently.
“Not much social, is he?” Krista said with a playful smile, making Jasper clear his throat and, scratching his head, he spoke with a smile “No, I'm afraid I'm not” he chuckled inwardly.
“Oh, by the way, I'm Alice” the girl said “What's yours?”
“And Kostas”

By Alice's invitation, the four tailed behind her and Jasper, this house of hers being their destination. Mid-dash she had called to her 'father' so he plus the rest of the said family should be waiting for them now.
Now this is something rare, a whole family of vamps?” Diogo thought as the wind blowed its sharp breeze in his face. Eventually, in a matter of minutes of racing, they arrived at a house right in the middle of a clearing.
The house was timeless, graceful, and probably a hundred years old. It was painted a soft, faded white, three stories tall, rectangular and well proportioned. The windows and doors were either part of the original structure or a perfect restoration.
The back, south-facing wall had been entirely replaced with glass, and beyond the shade of the cedars, the lawn stretched bare to a wide river.
A massive curving staircase dominated the west side of the room. The walls, high-beamed ceiling, the wooden floors, and the thick carpets were all varying shades of white. And at the door stood two men and two women, easily recognised by the four visitors as Alice and Jasper's 'family'.

The leftmost man, which they guessed being the 'father' of the family, came forward to greet them as soon as they arrived. The blond vampire introduced himself as Carlisle as he handshaked the three boys and kissed Krista's cheek as a signal of courtesy. After him, they were introduced to the rest of the family “This is my wife Esme and my others 'son' and 'daughter', Emmett and Rosalie respectively”
“Nice to meet' cha” Kostas said with a smile as Rosalie's beauty caught his attention and interest. Emmett quickly chuckled and quickly said “Not a chance, she's already taken!”
Rosalie laughed as she playfully elbowed her 'soul mate' “He's kidding, don't mind him” She said, much to his dismay, “Hey, I'm not kidding!” the giant shouted making their visitors chuckle to each other. They came inside the house and into a large living room with two large couches and a TV. Further away, at the other side, they could see one big, black piano, which revealed that someone in the family played... and taking the 'being vampire' thing into account, he/she should be an heck of a player.
By their hosts' invitation the four sat on the couch further away from the door leading outside, right in front of one of those sliding windows.
“So, is this the whole family?” Diogo asked with curiosity, thinking to himself how many more vampires could live in the outskirts of Forks. Esme answered his question “Oh no, were still missing one member- well, two actually...”
As Esme spoke, one heavy atmosphere  hit the room with full force “Esme, wait...” The blond vampire said, putting his hand on her shoulder. She quickly realised how close she had been of commiting one probably fatal mistake.
The previously smiling  face of the doctor, together with the rest of his family's all morphed into frowning glares at their four visitors “There is something we need to ask you” the doctor started “Something of utmost importance... what is your diet?”
The room was silent “Depending on what you answer we might need to ask for your leave...”

“Well...” Krista started “Me and my... brother -she pointed at Diogo- Are omnivores, mainly we hunt animals but... say, every once and awhile, once per month we kill a human too” Diogo nodded “Now they...” They turned their heads to Kostas and Mike “We just recently met, we don't know what their diet is”
“In essence, it is the same as yours” Mike said, looking at Krista “Except we hunt a human once a week, not once a month... otherwise we kill some Montain Tiger or Lion, whatever thing crosses paths with us”
Carlisle 'hmmmed' as he walked into circles in the room “Alice, do you see anything bad to come?” the vampiress shoke her head “No I dont... But you know how quickly the future can change... Especialy in Bella's case”
“Unfortunately thats true...” He said, before turning to Jasper “Son... if anything were to happen... you could take on four at once right?”
As Jasper nodded it was Diogo's turn to frown “What the Hell?! Why would he fight us? We didn't do anything!” he shouted.
“I'm sorry, please call it securety measures...” Esme said trying to calm him down, “For what?” he asked.
“It is like this... We have one more brother, Edward, who is also a vampire...  his soul mate, Bella, unfortunately is not... yet” Jasper calmly explained, leading their guests to widen their eyes.
Krista was the first to speak “You mean... she's a human? Your vampire brother is... dating a human... safelly?”
“Yes, indeed he is... but not safelly, mind that” Jasper said, making Krista raise her eyebrow “You see, it requires a lot of concentration and effort from Edward's side to prevent him from going mad with her scent... It had... and still has one powerful effect over him, and besides, she's the only creature on Earth whose mind he is unable to scout... it stresses him to no end”
Alice nodded “Thats why he doesn't dare to go... further in the relation, or he might lose it...
Diogo smiled “When you say 'further in the relation'... you mean like” he did snaps with his tongue and Alice nodded “Poor guy...” he said lowly, fighting back a chuckle. Krista shoke her head and gently hit him with her elbow, “Carlisle, as long as its up to me, neither me nor my brother will attack the human girl” Krista told the doctor with a reasuring smile stamped on her face “I'll hold him down if I have too, but I can't promise anything on their behalf” she finished by poiting two the other duo.
“We just ate this morning” Kostas quickly said “We're good too”
“Alright” Carlisle said rubbing his hands in satisfaction “In fact, it is good to know we can trust you, they are coming now”

It was a fact, as they tuned their ears they could hear the sound of rushling grass in the distance, quickly aproaching steeps dashing in their direction. This Edward fellow, plus this human girlfriend of his had arrived.
He still had not entered the house and they could already hear his voice “Carlisle, is it alright for Bella to be here?”
“You can come in!” Carlisle said so lowly that only vamps could hear “Our guests promised they would do no harm to her, rest assured”
The door opened and the four guests looked at it as a male vampire walked inside. Edward had a bronze coloured, messy bunch of hair. Like the rest of them he had a rather marble like skin, along with high cheekbones, strong jawline, a straight nose and full lips. He glared at the family's visitors as he scouted their heads looking for any 'Kill the human' thoughts. Only as he read of their promise to Carlise did he told, in a sweet, protecting voice, for his girlfriend to come in. She came, but not before tripping at the doorstep. She stood up, cursing in low voice, like that would prevent them from hearing it, and looked at the new faces with some doubt in her eyes “Uhh... Hello” she said with a weak wave of hand to which they joyfully mimicked “I'm Bella, nice to meet you” she quickly said as a blush came to her face.

As the three boys saw her blush a quick thought crosed their minds, but they quickly managed to erase it, fast enough to avoid detection from the mind reader. They looked at her from top to toe and all they saw was a pale human with no 'superior beauty' nor anything of that kind. Security measures once again, the four simply shoke her fragile human hand.
As she sat by Edward's side on the sofa that had its back turned against the window Krista started a chit-chat party in order to know more about this couragous girl. If not couragous, then insane, for who, in their perfect state of mind would risk its life by dating something, whose main food was yourself!? And Bella, feeling completely at home in their mist, answered her questions cool and calm.

The afternoon was ending and the cloud-covered Sun was almost completly hided by the mountains on the west. As a sign of courtesy, Diogo helped Emmelt lighting the fireplace up -even through no help was needed- and the room started warming up. Maybe too much...
“Wow, I just can't wait to be like you guys” Bella said with a giggle “I mean, you don't feel neither hot nor cold, not anything like it!” She said with a bit of envy as she looked at Krista and the gang “Man, its getting hot” she stood up in order to go open the glass door in the wall but Alice beat her there “Thanks”
“No problem” Alice quickly said with a smile.

From the now open door a breeze came forth circuling around Bella's body... and into the boys' nostrils. All of a sudden Alice gasped and Edward, reading her mind and seeing the vision she had just had, quickly put himself between Bella and one growling Diogo... plus Kostas... and Mike... In a matter of seconds the once friendly atmosphere surrounding the room vanished, as the whole family put itself between their guests and Bella while Krista held Diogo down.
“Diogo, what the heck is wrong with you!?” she shouted out as her friend's eyes twitched and his mouth morphed into a diabolical grin. Kostas and Mike too, the three of them staring, grining at one shock-bound Bella.
Kostas managed to speak out “Her scent...”
“Its trully-” Mike continued.
“Magnificent!” Diogo finished as drool appeared in his mouth.
Before they could do anything, Krista decided to use her special power to hold the boys down. Edward saw her plan and quick told of it to Jasper. He nodded and, along with Krista's siren voice, he worked his own 'Mood control' on the savage beasts. On the spot, they were tamed.

Edward took Bella home and quickly returned, just in time to hear Krista' apologies for the fright her friends had caused his' family.  She left, dragging three brainwashed vampires along. They should be back to normal really soon but at least they would not have the girl's scent poisoning their minds.

“You three should be ashamed of yourselves!” Krista scold their lying bodies, now resting beneath a large oak's shadow, ten miles away from the Cullen's house. Still partialy under her “Siren spell” and unable to do much more they nodded silently “But you Diogo, you disapoint me the most!”
“The hell... with you” this answer earned him a killer kick in the ribs, luckily he didn't feel a thing.
Krista sighed, before remembering why she had wanted to come to Forks in the first time. The boy at the school... she had seen him passing by the camara when a TV station had made an enterview to the town's chief officer. She had only seen a glipse of him -on the TV, no less- and it had been enough for her to 'drag' Diogo along for half a continent with the single goal of seeing that boy for herself... and perhaps something more...
“You three can stay here for a while, can't you?” she lowly asked, receiving as an answer three equally low 'uh-uhh”. Smiling, she dashed for town in search of her desired 'prize'.

As she left, the numbness on the boys' bodies lifted, Krista's spell no longer confusing their minds.
“Man, does she do this everytime you misbehave?” Kostas asked Diogo, who answered with an insulted growl, before sighing “Unfortunately... and the worst part is, I always fall for it”
“Don't forget, that Jasper guy also did something...” Mike calmly said, cracking both fists “Mood control, if I got it right...”
“But that human girl, once I smelled that gust of wind carring her scent... I simply lost all control!” Diogo said, to each the other two nodded.
“Yeah, it would be quite a shame not to... taste such a delicious dish” Kostas said with a mischevious smile.
The three smiled between themselves as they started to create a plan, a strategy in order to claim the source of their desire, “So we kill the girl” Mike said “But Alice is able to foresee the future, the whole family is bound to come to the rescue... especialy the mind reader...”
“So we need something to stall them... what can we possibly use as a distraction?”
Diogo's eye shone with malice at Kostas's question and his mouth bent into a smile “I think I might have what we need!” he exclamed, taking his wallet out of the jeans he was wearing. Pennies and more pennies flyed out of it and landed on the grass below, causing the duo of nomads to raise their eyebrows “Uhh, what could you possibly do with so many coins?” Mike asked, to which Diogo's answer was a chuckle.
“Well, both of you have your own special powers and Krista is a 'siren'... I was going to tell you this while we where talking at that coffee shop, but Alice found us before I was able to... Kostas the Memory Maker and Mike the Ilusionist... I am Diogo... the Clone Master”  he said with an ever foul grin. At his words, each coin at their foots melted away and grew to form multiple silver, faceless copies of themselves.
The other two smiled as they understood his idea “She's as good as ours then” Mike said.

Edward walked in circles inside the living room, the simple act of thinking about the three almost-murderers made him sick. Plus he had lefted Bella back at her home and now he could not return. The reason... Alice had just had one rather unpleasent vision of the three boys coming back to the house... and their intentions were certainly not the best!
“The girl is not with them so at least we don't need to worry about her...” Alice said, resting her head in Jasper's shoulder. Edward told -growled- his own opinion “If they want war, I'm not in the mood to 'polite conversation', I'm fighting them to the end!”
“We all are son” Carlisle said, his voice and behavior being the avatar of coolness “We already killed James and Victoria in order to protect Bella, there is no shame now in killing three other carnivores” Emmett nodded, cracking his boulder-stiff fists with a smirk in his face. Soon enough he would be able to unleash perfectly justified violence... Boy, what a wonderful stress killer!
The whole family went stiff and dashed outside as calm, three sets of steps were heard in the distance and Edward roared with wrath as he heard their thoughts, “Kill the Cullens, then the girl
Standing there, looking at the house, were the three boys, their mouths being smiles of supreme malice. They did not say anything before attacking, Edward saw it all “You are dead Cullens, you are all dead!!!” Like bolts of lightning they sprang for the family, who dashed against them as well. As soon as the battle started, Alice saw that something was wrong... dreadfully wrong, “I see more... the house is surrounded!”
“What do you mean, surrounded?! You mean they have reenforcements!?” Carlisle asked, before taking a swing of his arm and chopped the enemy's head closer to him -Diogo's. Before Alice was able to answer, as it died, the ilusion surrounding the chopped body vanished, showing to everyone the true aspect of their attackers. Silver... they were completely silver...
After Diogo's body melted away, the other two quickly followed, crushed to death by Emmett's overforce. Their remains were now nothing more than liquid metal spread on the grassy floor.
“Alice... what is happening?” Carlisle slowly asked wide eyed, Alice's answer quickly making the family realise of how grealy they had been duped “Clones... they are nothing more than puppets of metal, probably created by one of them! Worse, there are more coming!”

In fact, their sounds muffed by the quick battle, a handful of other trios showed up, exiting the woods and surrounding the house “This is getting fun, isn't it Cullens?” Edward roared once more at their thoughts.
“No matter how much more there are... You are all dead!!” he howled, followed by a cheer from the rest of the vampire family. The clones attacked all at once.

Krista slowly walked down the deserted street. The moonlight shining in her skin, she hummed out a sweet song. It was heavenly, yet sublime, a special humming created only and just for her 'preety boy'. She stopped by the school's entrance and smiled as she saw that her musical lure had had its desired effect; the dark brown haired boy had just turned around the corner of the street and walked slowly towards her, mesmerised by such a beautiful sound.
He stood in front of her, blood rushing to his cheeks as he asked “Was it you... the one singing?” She nodded and asked as well, her voice ever sweet and kind “I was looking for you, what is your name?”
Knowing such a beauty had been looking for him made the boy blush even more, “I'm Ben”
“I am Krista” she said coming closer to him. This would be the part, had she still a living heart, where it would be bumping wildly up and down inside of her chest. The moment she had seen a glimpse of him on the TV she knew right away that her soul mate was this boy. This seventeen years old boy. Fine, she was tecnicly one year older than him but, screw that!
As their faces got closer, she felt his scent, it was a mixture of leather and strawberries. She loved it! She kissed him full-mouth and he kissed back, hugging her marble-like body “Your body is soo cold...” Ben whispered, feeling the skin in her hand “I love it”

Bella's father, Chief Officer Charlie Swan layed dead on the couch, his last living minutes spent believing, thanks to Kostas' power, that he was in the company of three, long time friends. What a ruse... the moment he had opened his arms to hug them, a fist had bursted through his ribcage, giving him swift, imediate death.
The three chuckling monsters were now cramped up inside Bella's room, looking at her knife-wielding figure with hungry eyes. She had already stabbed -unsucessfully- Mike's stomach three times already!
“Edward...” she whispered, tears flowing to her eyes as she looked at her three to-be executioners.
“He ain't coming for you, I'm afraid” Kostas said with a naughty smile “My buddy here sent  something for him to play with...” Kostas said tapping the shoulder of one chuckling Diogo as Mike cleared his throat “Don't forget me!”

Diogo's clones disguised by Mike's illusions... the perfect stallers... the perfect decoys... And now they had their prize, their trembling prize, right in front of them. Diogo quickly dashed behind and held Bella down in his powerful, immortal grip, “Now...” he kissed the bare skin of her neck, leading their prisioner to let out a scream “Who wants to have the honor of starting?”

The small army of clones had quickly been reduced to one. Instead of killing him, Edward grabbed  Kostas' copy, still hided by Mike's illusion, by the collar and glared -pierced- into the puppet' eyes.
“Why did they sent you!? If those three wanted us dead, why did they sent such weaklings to do the job?!” the clone chuckled trigering even more anger from Edward's side “Answer me damn you!!!
“Who told you that we had been sent to kill you?” Edward frowned at the puppet' question “Why couldn't we be sent here as a way to stall you?”
“Stall us?” Carlisle came forward to ask “For what?”
The clone chuckled again “Well, lets think together for a moment... what was the reason which made my master and his friends to leave from here?”
“Well, they wanted to kill Bella and-” Carlisle did not finish his sentece. Like a bolt strucking them, the whole family, Edward in particular, saw with horror what lied behind the puppet's words.
Taking both hands to her mouth Esme only managed to say “Oh my God...”
The clone let out a laugh “You may rush all you want now, surely its too late!!!”
Edward threw the copy with all his might against the nearest three. As it hit and blew up, the whole family was already running for Forks, hoping it was not too late.

The three friends got out of the house, having consumed their little piece of paradise away. They were no psychic like Alice, they could not see the future, yet they knew they had to follow different directions now. They exchanged phone numbers and Diogo handshoke his two new friends.
“Say bye to Krista for us, alright?” Kostas said with a smile, licking some leftover blood still on his lips.
“Yeah, when we meet again we need to do another hunt together!” Mike exclaimed with a grin.
“Its a promise then, take care you two!” Diogo said before they disapeared from his sight, quickly running for the north. With a chuckle Diogo quickly rushed back to the place Krista had left him, she should be back now!

“She... she really put up a fight, didn't she...” Edward said, scooping his now gone loved one, kissing her one last time “Those cowards!! Why did...” Edward sobbed, one tearless crying “How could I be so stupid... HOW!?
Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Carlisle looked at the grimful scene, wide eyed and horrified. Alice and Esme sobbed into Jasper and Carlisle's chests respectively, they gently patting their heads, sobbing as well. A member of the family had been killed after all...
As one sobbing Alice lifted her head and looked throght the room's window, she let out a gasp “Oh my God... Edward, its him!” she pointed with fury as one smirking Diogo looked at them from the middle of the deserted street. Edward spotted him as well and his golden eyes went pitch black with madness. Before any other could make a move he slowly said, “Back off, all of you... that son of a bitch is mine and mine alone...”
With this he jumped out the room's window and into the chase of the already faraway demon.
Run away, run away, run away!” He could hear his prey's mind shout.
“You wont get away! I'll never let you get away!!!” Edward shouted out, leading Diogo's thoughts to change into “Oh fuck, he's fast!!!

Edward dashed and dashed, become ever closer to the fugitive vamp. To the end of the world, to the end of time!!! He had decided to persue the monster for all of eternity if needed... Luckily, he needed not.
Fear powering Diogo's feet, Wrath powering Edward's... in a matter of minutes, they had ran a distance that would normally take them hours, even dashing at their full speed. As Edward jumped and glomped Diogo's legs, they were on the middle of the jungle of Amazona. As Diogo fell to the ground with a loud 'thud' Edward quickly picked him up, smashing his throat with the feeling of vengeance fogging his mind. The scent of Bella emaned from him, powering the vampire's fury even more.
“Last words pig” He growled an inhuman growl, his eyes twiching in madness as 'cracks' could be heard from Diogo's giving up neck.
He let out a chuckle with extreme difficulty “Boy, are you you stupid or what!” Edward frowned, but quickly tighten his hold on Diogo's neck, making it even harder for his victim to talk.
“How does someone fall for the same trick twice!?” He shouted out, leading Edward's eyes to widen in horror, “My master should be faraway enough now, you shall never find him... nor his friends!”
Edward shock his head in denial, wide eyed as Mike's last illusion vanished as well, revealing the victim's real aspect. A clone... another fucking clone!!
“How dare you...” the vampire whispered “How dare you!?”
“Created... from the iron... in your loved one's blood... Mr Edward, it is my pleasure to say... you were fooled...” The puppet said before melting away. The scream of pain from one agonizing vampire echoed throught the jungle.

Diogo dashed behind Krista as they raced across the state of Montana, carrying one twiching 'pretty boy' at his shoulder.
“Three questions!”  He shouted out “First, how much time before he stops with all the twiches, second, why are we bringing him and third, whats his name!?”
Midrun, with a giggle, Krista answered “If he is like you, the venom should finish its work in four days top, his name is Ben and we are bringing him along because he's my soul mate”
“You have got to be kidding me!” Diogo shouted in surprise “So I'm the only one who's single now!?”
“Yep” Krista said, blowing raspberries at him “By the by, where did you go before meeting up with me again?”
This made Diogo laugh “Oh nothing much... went to play a game and made myself a snack... Oh yeah, Kostas and Mike send kisses to you!”
“That is sweet of them” Krista said with a smile “Perhaps one day we can go all back to Forks and apologise the Cullens for your behavior!”
Diogo gulped “Nah, we'd better not”
Done for :iconkitay: birthday :)
Happy Birthday girl, I hope you have an happy day... and all that crap :D :hug:

Hope you like it :)

NOTE: I have nothing against Bella nor any character on the Twilight Series. This was made just for fun, please understand that.

All characters belong to their respective owners.
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